First academic book review of BIABH

The first academic book review of Bringing It All Back Home is now available.

Unfortunately it is behind a paywall, but the key passage is:

“Bringing It All Back Home is a powerful and compelling book, one that will help educate the public about a subject that many wish to forget.

One of the most memorable statements comes from Neil Kenny, a self-described survivor whose post-Vietnam life has been characterized by explosions of rage, and who now receives a PTSD-related disability pension from the VA. “I’ve always said that the irony of war is that the most inhumane thing known to man, that which we call war, is where we learned our humanity. That’s where our humanity comes to us. And it’s just the paradox of it” (p. 199).

Napoli concludes Bringing It All Back Home with a discussion of how living memorials, like the Vietnam Veterans memorial at 55 Water Street in New York City, have a commemorative purpose, honoring those who have fought. He then adds that there are many ways to honor a soldier’s service. Books like Bringing It All Home, we may add, are also living memorials, honoring the living and the dead.”