Current Work

My next major project, tentatively called “The After War,” will be an oral history of the veterans who have returned from our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Background work and preliminary interviews have begun.

If you would like to know more about this project, contact me at philip [dot] napoli [at]

All interviewees must sign this IRB-approved informed consent and deed of gift form:

2014-2015 IRB Approved Napoli Veterans History Project informed consent.

See this document (Potential Veterans Oral History Questions) for a list of potential questions.

I am also working on two articles:

“New York City and The Vietnam Veteran’s Experience of Return.” Based on the oral histories collected for my Vietnam project, this essay explores the significance of the moment of return, and especially the family’s reaction to the veteran, for long-term adjustment. Presently in revision stage for submission to journals, spring 2014.

“Neuropsychiatric Care of World War I Veterans.” While the post-war history of “shell shock” is well covered in the literature of other nations, the story of the care provided to U.S. WWI veterans is not. Archival work in New York is on going. I have made plans to visit the National Archives in College Park, MD, and the Social Welfare History Archive in Minneapolis, in early 2014.