Rudy Thomas

Rudy Thomas, a friend featured in the 2007-2011 Brooklyn Historical Society show “In Our Voice,” and quoted in the introduction to my book Bringing It All Back Home, passed away this weekend.

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Rudy fought with the symptoms of PTSD. In my 2007 interview with him he told me:

I have a patch on my jacket that says, not all wounds are visible.  It’s a fact because a lot of people who see me say, you look like nothing’s wrong with you.  You’re not disabled.  But you don’t see it.  It’s all up here.  The mentality and the things that happened to me is still there; it’s embedded in there.  There are many nights that I sit here because my kids are Manhattan and I’m here by myself.  I would see something or reflect back, and I would just sit in this chair and just run down. Sometimes I get to the point where I have to actually laugh at myself just to keep the sanity going.

Rudy was an exceptionally gentle, kind man. He leaves two young sons and a wife.

He will be deeply missed.

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