Vietnam Veterans Recognition Day, March 25, 2017


Danny Friedman, Chapter 72, Brooklyn at the March 25, 2017 Vietnam Veterans Recognition Day, 55 Water Street, Manhattan. Danny is profiled in my book Bringing it All Back Home: An Oral History of New York City’s Vietnam Veterans.

 Jimmy Bacolo. Jimmy is profiled in my book, Bringing It All Back Home.

New York City’s Gold Star Families standing in front of the Vietnam Memorial Wall, 55 Water Street.

Veterans and Memory

Brooklyn College student Elizabeth Jefimova interviewed World War II veteran Seymour Kaplan on February 24, 2017, at Kaplan’s home in Brooklyn.

In this clip, Kaplan recalls how his willingness to tell his story of service was shut down. He did not speak of the war for fifty years. In my experience as an interviewer, I have often found that veterans are encouraged to be silent about what they have seen and done in war — often by their very own families.

Day Two


Day two of the VVA Board of Directors and Conferencen of State Chapter Presidents meeting, Silver Spring, MD. Very moving and useful. Great opportunities for oral histories here.

The VVA is worrying about its longevity. Some years ago it decided to be a ‘last man standing’ organization. How long can it hold out? If the decision is made to close down, how will this be done? The VVA has assets that will have to be disposed of. But, even as discussion about this issue grows, membership numbers are increasing nationally; VVA now has 78,816 members, an all time high.