Book Launch

Please join me, Marilyn and a number of the veterans profiled in my new book.BIABH

Thursday, June 13
The Soldiers’, Sailors’, Marines’, Coast Guard and Airmen’s Club
283 Lexington Avenue
 New York, NY 10016-3540
(212) 683-4353 (800) 678-8443

Philip F. Napoli, director of the Veterans Oral History Project at Brooklyn College, speaks about Bringing It All Back Home, a new book drawing on in-depth oral history interviews he conducted with more than two hundred persons between 2004 and 2010. He will be joined by several of the veterans featured in the book to share their experiences and to discuss New Yorkers’ experience both in Vietnam and as veterans after the war.

Event is free and open to the public but please RSVP to Brian Gittis at brian [dot] gittis [at] fsgbooks [dot] com, as space is limited.

Read more about Bringing It All Back Home at

“Philip F. Napoli is the perfect person to write this book. Having worked with the Vietnam veterans of New York City for many years, he has come to understand us. While focused on vets from New York City, these stories are very representative of all those who served in Vietnam and what happened to them upon their return home. I want to thank Professor Napoli for telling the true story of Vietnam veterans, who have often been exploited in the media.”
—John Rowan, President, Vietnam Veterans of America

“Bringing It All Back Home is a book we should all read, for it takes us from city streets to Vietnam jungles and back again. It’s an important and instructive account of the pilgrimage of New York’s young men who went to war and came home to resume their city lives and share their experiences.”
—Tom Brokaw, special correspondent for NBC News
author of The Greatest Generation

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