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I am an associate professor of U.S. history at Brooklyn College.

Oral History and Moral Injury

Academic publication frequently means “print.” The @oralhistreview has given me the opportunity to share some of the audio recordings that shaped my understanding of moral injury. Listen here: http://oralhistoryreview.org/ohr-authors/oh-moral-injury-and-vietnam-vets/ … #moralinjury #oralhistory

New Mini-Documentary

Brooklyn College has posted a mini-documentary featuring me and two women who served in Vietnam. (Gotta say, I ain’t a TV natural!)

This was shot over a year ago, and it highlights two amazing women. Sue O’Neil was a nurse at the 27th Surgical Hospital in Vietnam, and Dr. Jeannie Christie served as a Red Cross volunteer in Vietnam – a ‘Donut Dolly.’

We did this because it is my opinion that the Ken Burns epic documentary on Vietnam that airs in fall 2017 severely slighted the stories of American women in Vietnam. As Dianne Carlson Evans, the founder of the Vietnam Women’s Memorial frequently points out, perhaps 260,000 American women lived worked and served in Vietnam during the war years.